A new look for our oldest company…


With a 115 year history in Greeley it is important for us to honor our history and remember our past. We must also recognize when it is time to switch up our style and introduce our brand to the next generation. Our new look will take us into the future as we modernize the feel of our branding. What will not change is our focus on serving our community, the same way we have since 1908.

Welcome to the new look of Weld County Garage!

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About Yoder Family of Companies
For three generations the Yoder family of Greeley, Colorado, has been part of the fabric of Northern Colorado. The Yoder Family of Companies is a purpose-driven group of companies that includes Weld County Garage, Truck City, Ironclad Fabrication, ABRA Fort Collins, ABRA Greeley, Kayman Direct, DriveWise, Driven Financial Services, and Carriage Shoppe. Faith-based and family-centric, the Yoder Family of Companies strives every day to empower and support important causes that better the lives of those in our community.