Truck City just got bigger and badder, but it didn’t happen overnight! Our dedicated team has invested significant effort in expanding our customer base and enhancing our service offerings. Both Yoder Support and Truck City employees have worked in unison to usher in this exciting new era for Truck City, and the results are truly promising.

We take immense pride in the hard work and commitment displayed by everyone involved, and we are confident that the rewards will far exceed our efforts. The grand reopening was an undeniable triumph, and we owe a special shoutout to JD and David Slone for their exceptional contributions.

Customers and employees alike joined in the celebration, enjoying their In-N-Out burgers, snagging some cool merchandise, and even taking their turn at the dunk tank to playfully drench their favorite bosses. Truck City has unquestionably earned its moment in the spotlight, and we can’t help but feel proud of our team there. 

Part of this relaunch was announcing our new slogan: Truck City – Servicing Blue Color of Weld County.  We recognize that our customers are all with blue collar or employers of blue collar tradespeople who are the backbone of our community and economy so we want to lift them up and celebrate their work!

This is just the beginning of Truck City’s journey, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds.