Parts Department Update


Did you know that the WCG parts driving team delivers all across Northern Colorado? In February, the team completed a total of 1519 route stops, which accumulated to a total of 22,270 miles driven across the Colorado plains. In just a month, the drivers brought in a total of $582,591, IN JUST ONE MONTH! Huge props to the drivers in our family they do a fantastic job as always, so make sure to give them a crisp high five when you see them.

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About Yoder Family of Companies
For three generations the Yoder family of Greeley, Colorado, has been part of the fabric of Northern Colorado. The Yoder Family of Companies is a purpose-driven group of companies that includes Weld County Garage, Truck City, Ironclad Fabrication, ABRA Fort Collins, ABRA Greeley, Kayman Direct, DriveWise, Driven Financial Services, and Carriage Shoppe. Faith-based and family-centric, the Yoder Family of Companies strives every day to empower and support important causes that better the lives of those in our community.